Practice guide for Support Staff


Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020: information for supporting people with communication support needs

The Scottish Government has introduced emergency legislation to respond to the situation created by the current pandemic. This includes some changes to procedures in the justice system. If you are supporting a person who might be affected by these changes this brief information may be helpful.

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Throughout this uncertain period we remain fully committed to continuing to support the many people and organisations that we work alongside, and to putting our vision and values into practice. For the foreseeable future we will need to do things a little differently. We’ll be postponing our usual group events, including forum and network meetings and training sessions, and minimising our face-to-face meetings. We’ll be making the best possible use of all the resources available to us – our skills, resources and networks locally and nationally – to help everyone we work alongside to overcome the challenges we now face.

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Supporting Offenders with Learning Disabilities

Criminal Justice Pathway

Report from the Supporting Offenders with Learning Disabilities Network.

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This report seeks to inform and guide local and national planning and practice related to improving support for people with learning disabilities whose behaviour brings them into contact with the criminal justice system and to reduce offending by them.

Criminal Justice Pathway