We aim to host two large scale conferences each year, usually in the Spring and Autumn. These usually take the form of consultation events, and are an opportunity for professionals from across the criminal justice sector and service users with lived experience to share their knowledge and experience on a variety of complex issues.

It is our policy that members of the SOLD user group, and their views, are always at the front and centre of each of our events.

latest Events

Improving support for offenders with learning disabilities to complete their sentence

This represented the final part of a trilogy of events, having previously looked at ways of improving supports for cognitively impaired defendants in police custody and in court.The Scottish Government is committed to the principle of presumption against short-term prison sentences, and increased use of community based disposals.  We are keen to ensure fair and equal access to Community Payback Orders, and that cognitively impaired people receive the support they need to comply and avoid unnecessarily breaching their Order.  We are also keen that people receive the communication support they need in prison and to break the cycle of re-offending.

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previous Events

Reducing the use of secure forensic detention and improving support for vulnerable people in the community

The purpose of the event was to look at the use of forensic detention and the scope for reducing the number of people detained, collaborative approaches that are helping community-based support for convicted people who have learning disabilities and/or mental health issues, and some of the challenges facing vulnerable people in the criminal justice system.

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Improving support for the accused person with a learning disability in Police Custody

There were almost one hundred people present at the event, all of whom have an interest in the criminal justice system, and or, people with learning disabilities. A broad range of professionals were represented, including the legal profession, psychiatry, clinical psychology, social work, health, police, prison service, voluntary sector, independent advocacy and academia, amongst others.

Members of the SOLD User group, who are people with learning disabilities and have experience of the criminal justice system, were also involved.

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SOLD Event: Improving support for the accused from arrest through to and including the court process

The focus was to discuss ways of improving supports for people with learning disabilities when accused of an offence. This covered the stages of the criminal justice pathway from the point of arrest, to custody, to standing trial in court.The event provided an opportunity for a range of professionals from all sectors, and people with learning disabilities with experience of the criminal justice system, to engage with the discussion on this complex subject.

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