Staying Safe Event Feedback Report

4 February, 2019
Norton Park Conference Centre
Edinburgh (next to Easter Road stadium)

February Event Article – Staying Safe Event Feedback Report

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Halt Input to SOLD January 2019

SOLD User Group – Rights and Support in the Justice System

The most recent SOLD event was organised by our User group. The title was:

Rights and Support in the Justice System

It was held on

Wednesday 21st November
From 10.30am – 3.00pm
At Norton Park Conference Centre in Edinburgh
(next to Easter Road stadium)

This event was for people with learning disabilities, autism or other additional support needs.

There are changes happening to support for people in the justice system.

Two men speaking to the police
People came and learned about their rights. They told us what support they would need if they were:-

  • accused of a crime
  • victim of a crime
  • witness to a crime

At the event, people also:-

  1. Heard about what is happening for people in the justice system – the outcome of the Appropriate adult consultation and the new supports available under the vulnerable victims and witnesses act.
  2. Had their say about the supports they would need going through the justice process – Shared experiences, told us the supports they thought they would need and told us whether the new supports being offered would make a difference.
  3. Got a copy of our new easy read guides – The members of the SOLD group have been developing easy read guides. These were launched at the event and available for people.
  4. Learned about their rights – We played a house of rights board game about the rights people have in the justice system.
    A report of the discussions held at the event will be published shortly.

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